Hip Pain


“I have been using the UB8Q10 since it arrived at my house and I really think it is great. I take two capsules in the morning and one before going to bed and I feel absolutely fine. I have also started taking the Blockbuster AllClear and I’ve been amazed by it. I had a heart attack a year ago and since taking the Blockbuster I have felt not even one indication of angina. Absolutely great.

Response to the SerraPlus is as good. I have one patient who has been suffering from back pain for years on end and who has been prescribed loads of various painkillers etc. Since taking the SerraPlus the pain is easing considerably and she feels a lot better in herself. My wife is also using it because she fractured her pelvis in an accident last year and she continuously had a very uncomfortable feeling in that area. I said ‘had’ because it has completely disappeared. Good news on all sides!”

- Gus P.


“I have been taking Serrapeptase for the past year and I have bad hip pains, perhaps arthritis. However a friend of mine in Scotland asked me to try these tablets which I did and after the first week I was a new person. I have more energy naturally because I have no pain now, and when I have a fall pain doesn’t last as long the days after it…I forgot to mention I ride horses a lot and have had numerous falls, breaking my chin.
On another occasion I broke my wrist, my ankle and a few ribs. These are accidents I have had over 30 or more years. I am now 47 years old and I am still backing horses for the first time and have great confidence again, nothing seems to scare me.”

- Camilla


“I live in London and have a friend in Bristol who I see twice a year with some other friends. When we first visited we were really worried about her, as she had a lot of pain in her hips and was having to drag herself around and struggled to walk her 2 dogs.

When we went back a few months later we could not believe the change in her. She was walking normally, better than us in fact, we struggled to keep up. We all said, ‘Whatever you have been taking, we’ll have double!!’

She told us she had been taking serrapeptase and loaned me a copy of Robert Redfern’s book. I bought some SerraEnzyme last week and I can already feel the difference with my breathing. I stayed up til 1 a.m. last night reading the book, I could not put it down.

– Mrs. Locke, 73 years of age